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Jivada Incense

Made by Artisans For Those Who Love It

If you're looking incense that doesn't 
disappoint, this maybe it... 
incense and incense holder

Pay less

Discounts up to 30%incense and incense holder

Traditional methods

Handmade in India & Nepal
incense and incense holder

Solvent free

Unlike cheaper alternatives
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incense and incense holder

All the good stuff

Just oils, resins, and essences
incense and incense holder

Without compromise

Made for temples & yoga studios
incense and incense holder

Choice of Artisan scents

New products arriving all the time

Incense Coming From The Monastery To The Web

Jivada incense  after I'd left my life as a Buddhist monk I was advised to sell the incense we used in monasteries. Consequently some of the incense offered here is the same as the incense still being used by the monks and nuns.

The monastics are a picky breed when it comes to incense and therefore I try to make sure it's of similar if not better quality so as not to drop the standards I inherited. 

The old monastic favourite Hanuman Rose is still a best seller after all these years hence I've given it the number 1 designation on the Jivada labels.

Traditional Indian Scents

You're going to find some of the best artisan made Indian Agarbatthi (sometimes known as Joss Sticks) in the world here, made by noteworthy Indian incense makers with long histories going back generations.

And thanks to their skill you'll encounter a small range of outstanding and unique Nag Champa scents that surpass the popular Sai Baba Nag Champa in the opinion of many.

Tibetan Incense

Have a look at the fine Tibetan Incense sticks on offer (actually made in Nepal)

They're  packed in beautiful hand made boxes. You'll find an Ayurvedic blend for stress and relaxation, a Tradtional Medicine Buddha blend  with 31 wild harvested medicinal herbs and a blend used for Tantric ceremonies .

And if you' hanker for more there are also scents made with herbs hand picked in the high Himalayas amongst them and a special woodland scent with specially imported Latvian Pine in it.

Deluxe Range

We put together a deluxe range of scents of that's of uncommon quality being of the highest grade available. You're unlikely to find this type of incense on the high street and they're something to savour for special occasions or for you to use as a personal treat.

The Spirit of Incense

The Jivada web site is also here to honour what might be called the spirit of incense.


This is a spirit you can use to celebrate and ritualise the things you value most highly in life. 

As a result you'll find an eclectic mix of supplemental items that have a life enhancing focus in keeping with the ceremonial way incense is traditionally used.

Incense Burners

There's a new department where you can explore a wide range of  brass and bronze incense burners many of them antique together with other objects such as devotional statues you can use on your shrines. 

Mala Beads 

We're putting together a growing collection of unique Mala beads that will be appearing over time. They're a good fit with the incense way of life, because they're often used for devotional practice.

They're especially hand made for for Jivada so you'll find beads such as, Radushka, polished and unpolished stones. crystals and minerals.

Most of them are made as traditional Japa Mala's and therefore have 108 beads.

More Incense to come

I'm now working with a family of scent makers with an almost mythological reputation.

There's a new line of incense in the making we're developing now that includes a Dragons Blood and Sandalwood mixed with Ayurvedic herbs. 

So keep an eye out their arrival. This should be an exciting ongoing relationship with new scents emerging over time.

Butter bags the Traditional Incense packaging  

All scents are sold in the traditional Indian way and are packaged in beautifully simple white butter bags.

This helps keep the ecological impact of the packaging small.  It's not fancy but less is more in this instance I think.

Meanwhile there are plenty of scents to enjoy already in store I hope you'll be tempted to try.



What Jivada Incense Customers Are Saying...

"I must say, the triple A grade rose is stunning, classy & must be one of my favourites. 

Please keep your very good work up.Excellent grade. Thank you"

" In the Mixed Pack there is a pink stick with a yellowish end tip - do you happen to know its name - cause I LOVE IT and would love to purchase a whole bunch!!!!! Thank you so much"  xx

"I have recently come into contact with your incense and even before lighting a single stick, I was aware it was the best incense I had ever encountered. 

I lit a stick and I was correct!!!"

"You may have seen my details come up a few times now for your beautiful incense. 

I really do love these and don't use anything else!"

"I ordered 3 packs of incense off you.

It arrived and I'm over the moon with it."

"My cat loves Green Khus... She will sit down and watch the smoke rising from the stick, her nostrils going overtime, a look of deep feline contentment and satisfaction on her face.I rather like it myself, it must be said..."
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