Audio Testimonials From the Totnes Market

It has been a pleasure selling incense in the Totnes market and it has always noticeable how many of the customers returned again and again with an enthusiasm for the incense. Being Totnes, the market is always a bit of a social occasion and people have time to talk.

I always want to to capture some of the atmosphere of this particular spirit of Totnes and in particular the response people had to the incense. 

Then it gradually dawned on me there was something I could do about that in this modern day and age.

The thought of trying to record the interaction seemed a bit bazaar at first and too difficult to do. 

However I finally reached the point where I had some good recording gear and mustered the courage to take it out one Saturday,

This is the result - the recordings are pretty rough around the edges but the spirit of communication is definitely captured. Incense is not that easy to describe over the web and I think the audio brings a different dimension to the communication of what is on offer.

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