Free but it's not Incense...

It's maybe not what you expect to find on an incense website but it is through my contact with Buddhism that this site came into existence.  

The burning of quality incense is in a way part of a lifestyle choice. Whether we're aware of it or not it's also a life enhancing gesture. 

I think the lineage of Buddhist practitioners has also contributed to the enhancement of life over the centuries and the content on offer here is a glimpse into the depth of their legacy.

So you could say this a nod to an old lineage of incense burners.

Hence you'll find all the following links take you to quotes from early Buddhist scripture that have been partially translated by me. I've used a number of sources including my own years of practice for this endeavour. 

Most of the content comes from the Dhammapada, a book of short sayings of the Buddha found in the early scripture of the Theravada tradition. 

The main exception is the Hsing Hsing Ming which is the great enlightenment poem of the 3rd Zen Patriarch, translated from the Chinese by Richard B. Clarke.

They print well on A4 paper. Click on any link and they'll download to your computer.

All of them formatted as folding cards (except the Hsing Hsing Ming) that are ready to print on A4 heavy weight paper.
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